Earn more by playing these Crypto Games!

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Play & earn is what these games promise, A quick read on the top crypto games at the moment.


Coin: TRX

Do you remember the countless annoying request from your Facebook friends to join them in Farmville?

That game was huge, and still has a high number of daily active users, some of them love spending money to grow and expand their farming empire.

CropBytes has the same basic concept of farming, breeding & trading.

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It lets you choose between a Trader, a Farmer or both.

The in-game micro-economies and possible strategies to earn are really fun.
You can start out with 100 TRX and make your way by trading assets,produce or your own animal extracts.

The active community of players enjoys weekly flash sales and constant updates.

The Tron based game has many more developments on their way. They are set to launch a bunch of mini-games and other features soon.This one could be huge, considering how much people love virtual farming and high user retention for the game.

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Crypto Kitties

Coin: ETH

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It is the most popular one at the moment, and its gaining a lot of traction.

The game-play is pretty basic, Buy kitties, breed them with other kitties and you get crypto kittens. Each one has a special set of abilities. Breeding kitties with different characteristics will get you a kitten with a combination of their parents abilities.
You can sell your kitties whenever you want.

CryptoKitties was the top crypto game in 2017. Since then it has seen ups and downs, but the fact that it still has a buzz around it and a very high user retention means that there‘s more to come.

You will also find bespoke kitties, probably something you can gift your cat connoisseur friend, but they aren’t cheap.
New development in the game has brought in-game puzzles, rewards for unique collections.

The first and highest selling cat was sold for 246.9255 ETH (~$117,712 USD)

Blockchain Cuties


A multi blockchain collectible game with adventures where you get to play with puppies, lizards, bear cubs, cats and other real and fantasy creatures!

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This game has similarities to CryptoKitties, each cutie is unique and belongs to you. You get to collect them, breed them, sell them.

Additionally, there are battles, your cuties can level up by winning battles. You can also buy or win armor and weapons.You can trade cuties on ETH, EOS and TRON blockchains using smart contracts.

Right now daily active users are a handful, although the multi blockchain, multi-platform game shows a lot of promise.

The earlier investors are already sitting on a pile of returns, for some these games have proven to even more profitable than mining or trading!
Since they are gaining popularity, Its a great time to invest.

If you are already a crypto gamer or just starting, leave a comment. I would love to hear about your experience.

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