When you get ill just as you were getting better.

I was on bed for a week. I was very sick. It started with viral and ended with stomach infection. Stomach infection was just a cherry on the cake. Cake being the viral. It was a bad week.

I was between the bed and the couch. The bed at night and the couch in the morning.

Having viral was fine. It was really fine, i could care less. I was hoping to lose weight in this duration. But when the stomach infection came around. The week took a turn for the worse.

So, the viral just kept me shivering and when I had stomach infection a wave of vomiting came with it. I slept at night peacefully, but during the night I used to get this pull in my back. Around 3am or 4am. This pull caused me to have this feeling of puking which continued till the morning. And after puking a whole lot the feeling subsided. the rest of the day was then just viral. But then again at night something inside got pulled which caused the sensation of puking to start.

I thank the medicines for bringing cure to the human body and those who created the medicines.

Because finally after a week of medicine digestion the illness, both of it subsided and I was able to restart my life which was put on hold.

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