On Leftist Mob Violence

Peacefully protesting the views of people with whom you disagree is one thing, forming a mob and chanting threats is entirely another. The far-leftist group Antifa will be forever linked with acts of violence and using leftist virtues of ‘inclusivity’ and ‘anti-fascism’ as cover for committing acts of violence in the streets and now in front of homes. On Wednesday night, members of Antifa began a protest outside the home of Fox News political commentator Tucker Carlson. Altogether, the protesters numbered about 20 people. The protest turned into a mob rather quickly. While Carlson was not home (he was preparing for a show), his wife was.[1] A member of this mob tried to break down his door. They chanted “we know where you sleep at night.” This is a threat, not an act of protest. The protester who tried to break down the door damaged it. Carlson’s wife hid and called 911. This was an act of domestic terror by radical authoritarian leftists who, apparently do not respect individuals nor property rights.

The repeated acts of violence committed by Antifa over the past few years have led to the group being called a ‘major gift to the right’ by left-libertarian philosopher Noam Chomsky.[2] The Anti-Defamation League had also put out a statement condemning Antifa violence.[3] Regardless of one’s political positions, threats and attempts at breaking and entering are reprehensible acts of violence and not at all consistent with civil discourse. The Antifa protesters who showed up at Tucker Carlson’s house had more in common with the radical Jacobin thugs of the French Revolution than with anything even remotely praiseworthy. Stephen Colbert said that the Antifa mob displayed ‘monstrous cowardice’[4] and independent journalist Tim Pool has also called out Antifa for the violent organization that it is.[5] I give these figures from the moderate left credit but would like to see strong condemnation from more prominent figures from the moderate left so as to isolate the radical left. Vox writer and blogger Matthew Yglesias defended Antifa. I have news for Yglesias: these masked domestic terrorists (Who look like soldiers in Cobra Commander’s army) are radicalized thugs, not the proponents of even the leftist ideals for which they claim to stand.


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