Keep Building

As I was working on my project in class, my progress was often halted. I came across the realization that the specs I wrote didn’t match the direction I was going for now. Should I keep going in this direction or should I revisit my specs? How will things fit together now? What tools should I use? Will the tools fit the needs of this project? I err on the side of thinking excessively about every little detail. It’s so bad that I spend more time on that rather than making real progress.

When building a project, it’s hard not to get caught up in the specifics and to try to make everything perfect. What we need to keep in mind is that we shouldn’t lose sight of the things that help us make constant forward progress. By that I mean, just keep building.

Agonizing over intricacies won’t get my project done. I have to keep building.

Keep coding. Keep adding to my project. Line by line. Feature by feature. Start small and scale up. Change things along the way. Find mistakes. Trace back. Repeat. Keep building.

Keep building until I finish.

Side note** After I wrote this, Jason an Jon from Dev League gave an interesting talk about the tradeoffs between being timely vs. writing perfect code. Just thought it was very relevant to what I was thinking about this past week.

Thanks to Pam Chambers for always reading over my posts and making sure I post weekly.

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