How to get range of keys in Leveldb and how gt and lt works

Kevin Simper
Feb 4, 2018 · 2 min read

LevelDB is really easy to use in node.js and it is perfect to start at project with. You can store objects easily with level and then give them a key that looks like storing them in tables with a unique id as name.


Then say you want to get all the users, you would use the db.createReadStream() that takes a object where you can give it two properties.

gte: 'user'
lte: 'user'
}).on(‘data’, function(data) {

But doing this above would not give you all the users, the reason is that leveldb does a one by one character comparison and the character is converted to ascii code and compared.

That means for the first one u is compared to the first letter of user:kevin and also compared with the lte which stands for less than or equal. The problem is not with gte because the k in kevin is greater than the empty characters.

‘user’ <= ‘user:kevin’

the problem arises when doing the lte, where it becomes false

‘user:kevin’ <= ‘user’

and that makes it not return that key in the readstream. We have to have the key be greater than what is is compared to. JulianGruber wrote a npm package which does something really simple and appends “~” to the string that goes to lte

gte: 'user'
lte: 'user~'

and the reason that works is that the charCode of “~” with is code 126 and that is bigger than z which has the code 122.


that is a really cool idea until you get a charCode that is higher than 126 and danish chars like æøå are a lot higher than 126.


So to solve that problem, the best solution would be to shift the first letter in the lte by one, so it would look something like this

const key = 'user:'
gte: key,
lte: String.fromCharCode(key.charCodeAt(0) + 1)

This would only return “v” for the lte and it would be true for a key like user:åben


I defenitly learned something about how javascript compares strings and how leveldb works. I hope it gave you a solution on how to quickly iterate and get the keys that you want.

const key = 'user:'
gte: key,
lte: String.fromCharCode(key.charCodeAt(0) + 1)

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