The programming stack of 2015

Kevin Simper
Mar 28, 2015 · 4 min read

Another year and new good things have come to the surface. So what is the stack of the year 2015.


IO.js is also superior in many ways, it is faster, easier to do SSL and just has the natural improvement coming from the community. The maintainers do also seem to ensure a more healthy process of improving, so really looking forward to being the year of IO.js


The problems with Single Page Application has also been that you would either put the rendering of templates at either the client or server, and both would have benefits and downsides, but that is no longer a problem. With React you can compile your application on the server and then continue the application rendering on the client, all very seamless.

And now that Facebook published React Native, a way to build native apps with React.js, why would you ever write a javascript app in Angular or Ember, if you can write it in React and port many of the components to build a fast mobile application with Push Notifications? There is others that tried to reuse javascript for mobile applications, but it is a crumble experience, with debugging and error handling being a lukewarm soup.

Docker — Containers

But there is still a task to make it easier to deploy containers, right now you need to know a lot about cluster management, load balancing and fault-tolerance, but that will change in 2015. It should be possible to push a container to a Platform-as-a-Service, that then take care of everything else and you just get a url back where your application is load balanced and all.

Docker does however seems to have a strategy that is hard to figure out, at one point the want to make Docker open and that it should be a community project, but at the other they buy out projects and put the Docker name on it, only because they want to make themselves indispensable. CoreOS initiative with Rocket, an open container runtime is promising, we will see!

What database is the 2015?

Only pay for resources you use



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