5 Thoughts That Will Help You 10X

“5 Random Thoughts..”

1. Greetings brotha. I had no intentions of doing a random thought list on this Tuesday, but then I said fuck it and went for it.

This shit is going to be: -Quick -Deep -Potentially life changing -Titillating -Incendiary

It’s not what you’re thinking…

The sex I have isn’t quick 😉 Lazy dudes who think the good life should come without any effort, stop reading here.

Everyone else, read on like the champ you obviously are.

2. What does it mean to be successful? It sounds cliché, but the best definition of success that I can muster together for you is this.

“Success is the progressive realization of a valuable ideal”

And what that means is that success comes when you become a man of value in this world and you don’t give a fuck when people say no, when people put you down, you are a man of value and you continue to grow on your path, your purpose and your mission to change the world.

Shouldn’t success be tied with money?

No, people way too often think that once they have money, they will be successful.

Let me enlighten your mind champ: Anything you can buy with money, can easily be replaced and is often extremely cheap.

Money does NOT bring value or success. People never realize is that you use VALUE to accrue money.

Value brings success, Value + Success = Money.

3. It’s August. Summer is really heating up. Holy shit it’s getting hot. And summer is that time when girls start to really try to earn our attention by wearing far less clothing.

“Let’s go swimming” Or will you keep LASER FOCUS on your goals and stay taking action on your mission?

Maybe both?

4. Example is the ONLY way to teach I firmly believe the reason so many thousands of badasses worldwide have made such dramatic transformations as men, and are now social gods that attract the hottest girls left & right is because everything I do is subtly based on constantly showing you the right traits to model..

Is that narcissistic?

“I’ll take, who the fuck cares for 400 please, thanks”

Here’s a quick list (I’m missing some).

Robert Downey Jr, George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Kevin Skene, Frank Sinatra, Jay-Z, Russell Brand, Mark Wahlberg, Hank Moody, Denzel Washington, P Diddy, You, Samuel L Jackson

5. You are what you think about

This is a big one. So I’m going to go the extra mile for you killer.

Every psychologist, every philosopher, every deserving & successful person out there agrees that we are what we think about.

Our self-image, the person we truly believe that we are, is 100% the collection of thoughts that we’ve held true…and you believe them without question.

People are always blaming who they are on their circumstances. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who find success in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances that they want. If they can’t find them, they make them.


If you are what you think about. Then girls are what they think about. So if they think about you as being fun, playful, challenging, badass, on your path, successful, valuable, hard-to-get…

Then that’s what you are to them.

So how do you show girls all these things?

Back to #4: Teach by EXAMPLE.

Have fun, don’t worry about people not liking you. Always be the playful one not taking things personally or too seriously. If people try to find out about you, challenge them, put your passion first and share it with the world. Be a man of value. Be the man everyone wants to be around.

If you spend time DAILY imagining and role playing in your mind that you are this person.


It takes more than fear to bring me down…

But I’d like to see you try 😉

6. Think about the plants bro..

Here’s a fun analogy for you:

A farmer buys a new piece of land and is given the seeds for the most fruitful trees alive, as well as the most poisonous plant alive.

He plants them both and waters them both.

Almost immediately, they both start spreading like a wildfire.

But now the farmer realizes that half of his land is poisonous and the amount of fruitful trees he can grow is limited by the poisonous ones. He can’t buy more land without planting more fruitful trees, but the poisonous ones are taking up too much room.

Do you know what he did next?

He got rid of the poisonous plants and grew many, many more fruitful trees.

Stop worrying about things you can’t control. Take care of the things you can.

Stop being negative, turn your thoughts about EVERYTHING, into something more positive.

Don’t be a man of potential that looks to the past, while you should be looking and imagining the future to come.

Please yourself for a social, sex-filled, success-guaranteed, always-exciting life filled with freedom, friends, and adventure, that never ceases to KEEP GETTING BETTER,

Every. Single. Day.




-Kevin Skene




Originally published at kevinskene.com on August 18, 2015.