DIY Badass: Iron Man

Today I’m going to make YOU a Badass..all credit to Robert Downey Jr. and Iron Man.

But first, I’ve gotta get this off my chest..

Wow. It’s freezing inside Starbucks; reminds me of the meat locker scene in Rocky.

It’s dumping buckets outside and I needed a sheltered place as to not destroy my brand new laptop..

Hold up, I’m gonna go fix this temperature issue.

(impatiently waiting) I loathe waiting..


Aside from being a certified badass, Robert Downey Jr. has endured more internal-struggle than potentially all of us combined.

Here is a quick recap of his story:

RDJ went from a “well-know” actor.

To a dead-beat heroin addict.

To sobriety.

Then became Tony Stark, the highest paid actor of all time..

Here are a few things that I really like about him: 1. When RDJ read the script for Iron Man, he was CERTAIN that he was the only person that could be Tony Stark.

..unfortunately, they weren’t considering him in the slightest.

I was reading an old article in GQ and Marvel told director Jon Favreau, “Under no circumstances are we prepared to hire him”.

Well RDJ kept insisting and eventually got a screen test.

Members of SAG, the Screen Actor’s Guild, kept asking him how it made it happen.

His response?

“Shock, awe, conquer — it was about devastating the competition […] I could do no wrong”

This is the hardcore essence of masculinity.

Defining your intent, creating your greater purpose, then working religiously towards an outcome that reignited a burning, ever-growing fire in your balls every time you think about it..

I’m not saying that from the ashes of your own damnation, never has a greater phoenix metaphor been personified in human history..

But when people think about a man who lives his life with that much drive, that much passion..

They become magnetic to you.

2) RDJ says when he makes a decision about something, it’s already over from the start.

Wanna know who else had similar remarks?

Tony Robbins, Donald Trump, Will Smith, Brad Pitt, Alexander the Great, Casanova..

When they make a decision about something, they are doing it and that’s it. There is nothing else to say about the matter, no outside opinions, they’re either going to do what they set out to accomplish or die trying.

It’s that same self-commitment which fuels and overwhelming amount of CERTAINTY, which in effect, boosts their self-image, default state-of-mind, and personal standards.

You should always have an overwhelmingly amount of self-belief, against all odds, because it serves YOU best.

Shake it up with a little challenge and playfulness in the process and you’re suddenly the man everyone wants to be around.

RDJ could walk out of a casting call at the age of 16 and tell everyone else in the waiting room, “You guys can go home now, I got the part”

Is that how you feel about your dreams? Goals? The things you want in life?

If not, I’ve got some old news for you pretty boy:

It ain’t gonna happen.

At some point in life, you’re going to need to make the real commitment and say, “I’m going to do this no matter what”.

It’s needed in order to make the commitment to your overwhelming self-belief where you can stare DOUBT in the face and JUST DO IT.

Well, I know it’s time for me to power down when I start quoting Nike, or..

It’s time for some new kicks.


I’m outta here.

– Kevin

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Originally published at on October 21, 2015.

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