F*CK Negativity & The Sea Of Mediocrity

I loved this newsletter so much. I had to post it as a blog post..

​Hey man.

It’s Monday and I’m tired right now.

It’s weird…Kevin Skene…tired?

But it’s true as the sky is blue & I won’t fight it..

In fact, I’ll do the exact opposite.

I’ll accept it completely.

Here’s something the most badass of Men have known most of their lives, if not in verbatim:

What you resist, persists.

Be honest..

I know that you’re a badass & self-motivated guy ON HIS PATH who refuses to accept the mediocrity everyone else around him seems to “enjoy” on a day-to-day schedule.

But you get tired sometimes..

Sometimes you don’t feel as motivated..

Sometimes you’re standing in the sand watching the mediocre waves in the sea of mediocrity crash upon the shore and you just want to jump in and relax.

I have news for you champ:

That little voice, whispering those seductive words to you, is NOT your conscience.

It’s fear.

And fear will take many forms and shapes to try and deceive you.

That’s how those sleeping masses became that way in the first place:

They gave in to that little, coddling, bullshit voice of fear.

Do not fall prey the same way they did.

If you want to BECOME GREATNESS..

If you want to succeed at this game of life and become the most social, badass, attractive, strongest version of yourself & build your dream life of freedom..

If you know that your ambition is greater than your current environment..

Then you must learn to IGNORE that little voice of reason, the one that instills and begs for you to just “relax”..

That little voices that asks for you to just “be like everyone else, be like they want you to be, it’s OK”…

I still remember first hearing that voice as a kid, from family, from friends..

..and what I saw in everyone else disgusted me. I couldn’t understand how they could just embrace such average, such normality..

That just wasn’t for me.

That is just NOT for me.

Is it for you?

So when you do feel tired and unmotivated

Step 1: Accept that you’re tired.

Do not fight it.

Say, “Wow..I’m so tired right now..This is hilarious, I can’t believe how tired I am right now.”

Feel free to laugh like a crazy person about it too, if you want.

Step 2. Steer your thoughts and get back on your path.

See, for most people, when they get tired like that, they succumb to negative thought loops.

But it’s also in this moments where the fucking GREATEST MEMBERS OF #PSYCHEOFMEN beat those motherfucking weak thoughts to the ground and immediately replace them with STRONGER, MOTIVATING THOUGHTS.

Then, they simply loop those thoughts on replay (almost as if clicking “repeat” on a great song) and get back to the mission.

Probably like the one I’m listening to now…


I’ve got a perfect example of this all:

I have my laptop in front of me, opened up to write you.

I am exhausted after a long weekend of partying, girls, and well..tearing apart Gary Vaynerchuk’s book, Jab Jab Jab, Right Hook..

I know I want to lead, to teach, to inspire, to install, all kinds of UNBEATABLE GREATNESS into your reality.

But I’m tired…so I accept it.

“Holy shit, am I tired

It’s hilarious how tired I am right now.

Who else would be writing like this right now, when they are this exhausted?

I must be fucking crazy.

Cool, I guess I’m crazy.

I’m so crazy, I’ll make a snapchat story out of it”

Then, I put on a pre-determined thought loop, hit “Replay” and start writing.

“I’m so fucking awesome and write the BEST newsletter period.”

And before I knew it, I was here, with you, nearing the end of this value-filled goddess.

So listen killer..

There are so many badasses reading these words with you right now.

They are all like you, they have seen what the “accepting of average” leads to..

They loathe it as much as you and I.

And they have pro-level ambitions like you too.

So when those times come, where you just don’t “feel like it”

Remember this moment, remember these words:


Radically change your state

And then, with playfulness and power, continue back onto your path and start moving.

Success loves a man in motion.

Women loves a man in motion.

We love ourselves when we are in motion too..

So I’m gonna go make my green juice, post this on the blog because it was so good and I can’t help but let it reach more eyeballs..

I’m gonna go do my minimum 2 hour a day of study, then I’m gonna get my perfectly-shaped ass to the gym and then I’m gonna come home and record more videos, and then I’m gonna read some more.

Because HEY

…yes I’m talking to you mediocrity


I refuse you.

Go silently destroy someone else’s story.

The Psyche of Men is far too free and far too busy to fuck with the likes of you.


-Kevin Skene




Originally published at kevinskene.com on August 17, 2015.