Feeling Judgement From Others? Read This.

“I love women, I have all their albums” — Hank Moody

The other day, I was sitting at lunch with one of my real estate partners, funny enough, we were talking about building a jet engine out of a car’s turbo charger..

But this dude is 21, a college dropout and makes well over 150k per year.

..but we’re basically the same person; overly focused, in pursuit of something greater than ourselves and straight up insane.

“You’re nothing but the stories you tell yourself”

We we’re applauding ourselves for coming up with that and went back to eating and flirting with the waitresses..

Not ironically, I sent this question to the VIP subscribers inside the Psyche of Men:

Do you have anything holding you back from telling your family or friends about the deep dark secrets of your hopes, dreams and desires?

Many of the responses I got back were excuses based on what guys THOUGHT their friends or family MIGHT say if they were to bring it up in conversation.

As in..how they THINK other person MIGHT judge what they’re doing.


These guys already know they shouldn’t give a damn what other people think of them, but a lot of guys have trouble breaking through this barrier.

Big Secret:

That’s because there’s nothing to break through..there is no barrier! You just have to let go of all restraints because in the end, you can’t control it all. Change only takes 1 second to occur, but getting to the point where you are prepared to change is what takes the longest.

But it doesn’t have to..

In fact, this is crazy..but many guys haven’t used any of the things they’ve seen and learned inside the VIP newsletter out there in their day-to-day lives.


What’s stopping you from using these massively effective tools?

You do realize:

1) I’m a genius 2) These tools WILL change your life 3) I want YOU to benefit from it

..not tomorrow, not next month, not next year, but NOW.

Right now.

So I have to ask..what’s stopping you from using these tools you get delivered on a daily basis?

Here’s one universal truth I had to learn firsthand:

If you’re not proud of something, you’ll keep it buried inside.

For instance..if a guy feels the need to hide that he’s getting personal, social and dating advice for the sake of bringing better and more attractive people into his life, then he is much less likely to actually internalize and use the advice he’s getting because instead of storing it in the forefront of his mind, he’s packing it away in a little box labeled, “Things I’m Too Scared To Share”. But..

If he is proud of the growth he’s discovering daily and he accepts that what he is doing and learning right now is awesome for him and everyone in his life..then he will want everyone to see how charged-up he gets at each opportunity to put his new skills to the test.

You need to find a way to be proud of everything you’ve done, everything that has happened to you, everything you’re doing and everywhere you’re going.

Bar none. Mindfuck yourself if you must, but this is necessary in your success.

A lot of this shame and guilt we feel about mastering a skill stems from the fear of what other people think or how WE THINK their judgement will impair us.

I’ve learned about judging others:

It’s the biggest waste of time.

Negatively judging others is a waste of time.
Positively Judging others is a waste of time. If you like what someone is doing, learn from them.

If you don’t like what they are doing, ignore it and continue focusing on YOU and your yellow brick road. Simple.

Anyone judging YOU negatively is revealing their innermost truth, admitting to you that they feel you are a threat to their self-esteem and they judged you in hopes that their negative pressure would distract you from staying on your current course of success.

And for reals..

How many people do you know right now who have the relationship or life that YOU want?

So..why would you listen to anyone who doesn’t?

Damn, I’m feeling good.

And feel free to share this with anyone you think could benefit from it

Or better yet, LIVE it and let them everyone else see the change for themselves.

Unless you don’t see them often, then you should just share it..

Whatever.You know what I mean.


– KS

Originally published at kevinskene.com on October 17, 2015.