Before start, let me ask you a quesiton.

Does this sound familiar?

Wake up, Shower, Get dressed, Go to work.

Go home, Eat dinner, Watch TV, Shower

Repeat? –

Real talk.

It SICKENS me how often I hear from men that their lives feel so routine.

BRO. This is mediocrity at its CORE.

You have to banish that shit.

It’s hard. I get it.

That’s why leaving the leaving the comfort zone is so important.

That’s why learning to CHANGE is so important.

Haven’t read those posts? I don’t know what the fvck your doing then man.

I know. I’m pissed.

Even just thinking of such mediocrity gets my blood pumping.

I loathe it.

Such a soul-boner killer.

Anyways, thankfully I am here to change that.

Listen Hunter, I get it.

Sometimes our days require these routine habits that inhibit growth.

You may think that going to work each day is growth. But ask anyone who works behind a desk, that shit is not progressive, it’s just…


Yeah. I like words.

So at the end of the day, your life may be demanding and after such a demanding day, you may just want to fall back into the same patterns and the same routines.

I don’t like it, but I’ll cut you some slack

…for now.


I promised growth EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Challenge time bitches.

If you want to grow every single day in the areas of life that matter the most;

Health, Wealth and Relationships.

Then lets start here.

Step 1: Wake up Early.

The most successful people in life take care of the most important things of their day before 10am.

I do it before 8am.

You have to hold yourself to a new standard. It can be as simple as waking up an hour earlier.

Some days we stay up late. Hell, it’s Tuesday today and I’m going out tonight to sharpen a few skills.

I’ll still be waking up at 5:30 tomorrow.

Crazy? No.

The crazy part is that on mornings that I’m the most tired, I take a shot of Cayenne Pepper Oil. That shit is fvcking crazy.

But it’s a reminder of why I do this on a daily basis (i’m always tired at 5:30am).

Because I HAVE to be better every day in order to be successful. –

Step 2: Make a Schedule.

In the areas of Health, Wealth and Relationships, make a schedule where you take at least 1 step forward in each of those areas.

A few examples include;

Health: Do 20 pushups/situps/pullups, drink green juice, make a smoothie, ect.

Wealth: Read a finance book, talk with a mentor, build a business, ect.

Relationships: Make plans, online dating, study game, ect.

To start: Pick one from each of the above and add it to your new daily routine.

Here’s what mine currently looks like.

Affirmations — 1 minute

Mouth Exercises/ Body Language — 5 min

Cayenne Pepper — 5 min

Review Note Cards — 5 min

Write out 90 days + 10 random goals — 10 min

Breakfast — 25 min

Make Green Juice — 15 min

Exercise — 45 min

Visualize Success — 15 minutes

Blog — 60 min

I do this on a daily basis so that no matter how the rest of the day goes, I know that I will succeed that day.

It’s vitally important to do this early in the morning because it’s extremely easy to let the vibes of our day predicate our emotions as the day drags on.

When you start off each day with a minimum of 3 successes, you are navigating the rest of your day in the right direction. –

Step 3: Make this your new standard.

Look, man.

This is the most important part.

If you are going to focus, do it now.

You have to hold yourself to a standard of completing these 3 things every day.

That means the second you open your eyes, you do NOT give yourself the 5 seconds to decide if you’re getting up or not.

You open your eyes and KNOW that you’re getting up and kicking ass today.

It’s not easy, at first.

But it gets easier with time as you build this muscle.

Remember, life is a muscle.

The more you work it out, the stronger it gets.

You never walk into the gym on day 1 and head straight to the heaviest weights.

This shit takes time, but you MUST persevere.

Do it for me.


Do it for YOU.

This is the secret to success.

You have it.

The most successful people in the world, take steps forward every single morning.

You’ve seen behind the curtain.

Take FVCKING action.

I gotta run.

It was nice chatting 😉

See you tomorrow Champ.

-Kevin Hunter


Originally published at on May 12, 2015.