3 Reasons Why fake45 Enablers Think He is Doing Well.

Most are clueless, Many are lied to, Some want America Destroyed…

  1. Most have absolutely no clue what a President really does. They don’t understand leadership, civic duties or international relations.
  2. Many are misled by people they trust, such as priests, family and republican politicians, who keep reassuring them that their worries are only due to “fake news” — That’s why Vice President Bannon and President Putin finds it so important to allow fake45 to rant about the “evil media”.
  3. Some approve of the promises that fake45 have kept regarding waging a war on Americans. They think it’s good that 30 million Americans are going to die from not receiving decent health care — as long as it can spite the former “black President”. They look forward to millions of Americans being tortured to “cure” their homosexuality. They enjoy news reports about deportations and about the daily tragedies from millions of families having their civil rights abused. Although the violations affect themselves, this suicide cult just want to see the America — and the world — burn. And from that perspective, fake45 is doing really well to move the destruction along.
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