The Tim Ferriss Effect — Podcast Edition

  1. A near full page article in the New York Times with a color photo, six days before Christmas.
  2. A major fundraise announcement covered by The Wall Street Journal’s Venture Beat and syndicated by 10+ national news sources with a few big name investors listed.
  3. A full page ad with a color photo in none other than Esquire magazine with a well known professional athlete sporting your clothing in a recognizable stadium, in the December holiday issue.
  4. A brief mention on a 2 hour long podcast by someone who is well known to hate your product category (dress shirts)and for off the wall topics surrounding work, fitness, and food.

A year and a half ago, Tim Teeman introduced my company, Mizzen+Main, to the national media world with an incredible profile in The New York Times.

Six days before Christmas.

  1. Crawl out from under the rock you’re living under! (Only half joking)
  2. Check out his blog at Four Hour Work Week.
  3. Check out his New York Times Best Sellers: The Four Hour Work Week, The Four Hour Body, and the Four Hour Chef.
  4. Download his podcast!

Sponsoring Tim Ferriss’ podcast has been the greatest single decision I’ve made in an effort to grow Mizzen+Main.

The “Tim Ferriss Effect” is very, very real.

  1. Day Three of Tim Ferriss First Podcast Sponsorship
  2. Fundraise Announcement, Wall Street Journal, 83% of Highest Day
  3. Day One of Tim Ferriss Podcast, 73% of Highest Day
  4. New York Times Profile, 69% of Highest Day
  5. Day Two of Tim Ferriss Podcast, 58% of Highest Day


  1. First full day of Tim Ferriss Podcast #2 Sponsorship
  2. Day Three of Podcast #1, 67% of Highest Day
  3. Fundraise Announcement, Wall Street Journal, 56% of Highest Day
  4. Day One of Podcast #1, 49% of Highest Day
  5. New York Times Profile, 46% of Highest Day
  6. Day Four of Podcast #1, 40% of Highest Day
  7. Day Two of Podcast #1, 39% of Highest Day
  8. First evening of Podcast #2 (up for <6 hours that day), 36% of Highest Day

Thank you, Tim Ferriss, for the opportunity and genuine endorsement.

We appreciate our customers’ patience as we replace our wiped out stock!

Welcome, new #MainMen. We are glad to have you on board.



Love @lady_lavelle. @MizzenAndMain CEO & Founder.

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