Always love it when the guy who’s read the wikipedia page for logical fallacies makes his…
Sam (no YOU’RE the straw man!)

Hedge funds and corporate boards are not full of socialists, but they are full of liberals and environmentalists — just not in some industries.

Point made about the straw-man argument — generalizations are convenient, but not necessarily perfectly accurate. That said, it should be noted that there are surveys that show some colleges as having an astonishing level of one-sidedness when it comes to political thought amongst their staff, and I’ve heard many stories (of course, anecdotal) of professors who had their career damaged for supporting conservative ideas in one area or another of their philosophy.

By the way, there exist massive cultural differences in many instances between a white person in urban Connecticut and a white person in rural Georgia. On the other hand, there are fewer (though still real) cultural differences between me (white and Japanese) and my best friend (black and Korean) than between me and members of my own family who are religiously different.

Side note, just because I’m not a liberal arts college graduate doesn’t mean I needed to go to Wikipedia to know what a straw-man argument is. It’s probably the most widely known logical fallacy.

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