MISTER Clinton isn’t running for President this time.
Todd Flora

Mister Clinton isn’t running, but he is going to the White House, and Mrs. Clinton is complicit in his actions over the years — a knowing accomplice. I can’t say for certain Bill Clinton is a rapist, because he hasn’t been convicted, but the smoke is similar to that around Bill Cosby. And Hillary Clinton has provided cover for this disgusting piece of human refuse.

I’m not saying he’s worse than Trump, but it is not reasonable to simply ignore the actions of a spouse, particularly one who is such a public figure, when it comes to the Presidency.

And I’m not buying into Trump’s anything. I have been a lifelong critic of the Clintons, and am embarrassed that it is the ignoble loser Donald Trump who people are looking to in order to keep them out of the White House this time around.

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