I still don’t believe in the media bias of the mainstream media because you’d never have things…
Craig Cook

When it comes to incarceration rates for drug crimes, I agree that in sentencing there is some indication of injustice — though there is also disparity in commission of crimes that I would suggest is partly a product of societal and familial issues (i.e. neighborhoods and single parenthood rates, for example). I don’t see those as left-right issues though. Left-right issues for me come down to the structure of government: Larger or smaller? Centralized or local? Greater burden of taxes and bureaucracy, or getting it out of the way of people as much as possible?

Secondary to that come cultural issues, but while I’m culturally Conservative, I’m hesitant about legislation intended to encourage societal norms. I’m much more interested in our power as individuals to impact our communities in ways that encourage the lifestyles we believe help lift people up.

As a side note, the politician I identify with the most, Rand Paul, has made over-incarceration and disparity in incarceration one of his personal issues. He’s spent a lot of time meeting with community leaders to talk about solutions to the issue.

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