How to unlock lucid dreaming through a trigger

Lucid dreaming can be induced through a trigger this is also known as an affirmation. Triggers are things that we can do in a dream that help us realize we are dreaming. It can be phrases we use or actions we do. For me I learned through actions and by doing something I could not possibly do in real life.

If you watched the movie Inception you may notice that Leonardo Dicaprio carried a top with him everywhere he went. This was an object he used to trigger his mind into knowing if we was asleep or awake. The difference was if the top didn’t stop then he was dreaming but if it fell over he was awake. Our dreams don’t follow the same laws as the physical reality that we live in. This is why things like this can happen and they should be enough to make us realize that we are dreaming.

I’d like to tell you about my trigger and how I learned it. I was in a nightmare and because my blink technique had failed a few times I feared that I wouldn’t wake up but instead go into another dream. As I was running away from what was tormenting me I couldn’t help but look back to see how close it was getting to me. Because I wasn’t focusing on running I began to run so slow that It felt like I was running in slow motion. My nightmare caught up to me and without thinking I jumped but I began seeing the ground go further and further from me. This was the beginning of my realization that I was dreaming.

I would like to provide a few examples of triggers people have used that I’ve been informed about. The light switch is one where if you try turning it on it won’t work. Another one is if you can find a clock to look at it, look away then look back. The time will not work properly so it may change instantly if you look back at it. Another simple one is looking at your fingers and counting how many you have. You may be very slow at counting, your fingers may be blurry or fuzzy another one I’ve heard is you have more fingers then usual.

I tried jumping in my dreams on multiple occasions and every time I jumped very high. This hasn’t ever failed me and Its easier than learning how to fly. It’s almost as though my mind already understood the movement. I sometimes wonder if I watched something as a child where they jumped like I do in my dreams.

Once you become lucid in a dream you have the capacity to do anything you can imagine. The only limitation you have is what you can think up. This becomes a new world and experience you can have. This is why you must let go of fear and begin to have curiosity. With curiosity you can overcome the helplessness of being in a nightmare.

Learn your trigger and your nightmares will become a thing of the past.