OCPay: Payment Solutions for Odyssey Revealed

Kevin Steele
Apr 11, 2018 · 4 min read

For anyone that follows the Odyssey project, you may have noticed some of the ongoing Github releases and updates, likewise counter notified via their social media outlets:

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These updates to GitHub further prove the previous rumors and reports of Odyssey’s ongoing efforts for a fully functional OCoin wallet. What is interesting to see is the fact that upon quick inspection of the available assets on GitHub one finds that this application appears to operate as an operational payment solutions platform, with the token $OCN directly utilized throughout.

A higher level view of the GitHub hiearchy shows the following:






My initial summary would point towards an administration both application and web based, with a repository for an Android application, an HTML 5 (h5?) web version, as well as an API for utilization by other applications and platforms (OCPay_api).

For a payment solutions system to truly see real world application, the API element is key. While many users will be apt to utilize the Odyssey wallet, the ability to integrate Odyssey payments to nearly any appropriate web or application platform truly lowers the barrier to general public and real world adoption of the technology, services and token.

Through the API repository you can view the following:

OdysseyProtocol init projectmain/java/com/odwallet

Interestingly enough the terms point towards a wallet application, as well as a recharge function, similar in nature to how the OBike application and integration occurs. This could potentially point towards more options for acquiring $OCN outside of having to go through the hassle of exchange signup, purchase and sending to the necessary wallet or application.

As has been noted by many of the loyal Odyssey consumer base, more efficient methods of acquirement are necessary to ensure that the average user experience is timely and positive in nature. With an easier method in place, Odyssey’s original credit and reputation system can more fully be showcased and add longterm value to the ongoing incentive of utilizing of the token.

Further Recharge options include:


Ongoing investigation into the wallet generation process reveals the following:

WalletInfo walletInfo = OWalletAPI.generateWallet();userWalletInfo.setCoinAddress("0x" + walletInfo.getWalletAddress());userWalletInfo.setMerchantId(merchantInfo.getId());userWalletInfo.setUserid(userId);userWalletInfo.setPrivatekey(AES.encrypt(walletInfo.getPrivateKey(), initConfig.deskey));userWalletInfo.setCreatedAt(new Date());userWalletInfoMapper.insertSelective(userWalletInfo);

The above shows a relatively standard set of wallet address, user ID and private key generation implementations for the infrastructure.

Further building upon their scheduled roadmap items and concepts, specifically allowing for merchants to integrate within the Odyssey ecosystem, we see that MerchantInfo is mentioned frequently throughout:

package com.odwallet.rechage.service;import com.odwallet.rechage.dao.MerchantInfoMapper;
import com.odwallet.rechage.entity.MerchantInfo;
import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.Autowired;
import org.springframework.stereotype.Service;
* Created by liuhuan on 2018/3/6.
public class MerchantInfoService {
private MerchantInfoMapper merchantInfoMapper;
public MerchantInfo getMerchantInfoById(Integer merchantInfoId){
return merchantInfoMapper.selectByPrimaryKey(merchantInfoId);

I look forward to seeing the updates and changes to the repository and how it further pertains to the ongoing evolution of the Odyssey framework of integrations.

While Grab has continued to show ongoing strategic partnership with OBike, and by affiliation, possibly $OCN, these integrations and wallet platform API’s truly create the avenues for this to see real world fruition. In concept, existing traditional business models are more apt to integrate cryptocurrency payment options only if structured, efficient API parameters exist. If say, Grab, were interesting in further solidifying their strategic partnership with accompanying brand elements, the ability to utilize a proven API into their existing web and application systems would have more of a possibility of implementation.

All in all I am very positive on these improvements by Odyssey as it points to ongoing development efforts, coupled with a long term, higher level of thought behind the technological infrastructure necessary for a higher proliferation of real world application possibilities.

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About the Writer:

I am currently an IT Professional with over 10 years experience spread across multiple fields including IT, Graphic Design and Marketing. Active both personally and professionally within the blockchain industry, I am a cryptocurrency enthusiast and all around geek.

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