Safe Haven Trust Alliance Network (TAN) — Bridging one of the most important gaps in blockchain/cryptocurrency.

Kevin Stevenson
Dec 16, 2018 · 4 min read

If you haven’t read my previous post on Safe Haven and their Family Circle Plan, I recommend doing so first, it shouldn’t take more than 5–10 minutes, and it’ll help you understand some parts of this post better.

Cryptocurrency and legality. The two don’t really go hand-in-hand. No matter what country you go to, cryptocurrency is still in the earliest days of it’s love-hate relationship with the law. I myself, live in Canada. There are no lawyers here that will give advice on cryptocurrency. None of them want to touch it, no one wants to be the first lawyer to give what turns out to be bad advice on this new asset class. I have no where to go for legal advice on this stuff. Safe Haven, however, has once again come with answers in the form of the TAN, and just like TFC, this too is critical for the blockchain industry to grow.

The Trusted Alliance Network (TAN) is an autonomous social networking hub designed specifically to be THE place to go for blockchain-related legal affairs. The goal is to connect lawyers and notaries that specialize in blockchain/cryptocurrencies in the legal world to cryptocurrency users, investors and enthusiasts. This hub will be one-stop-shop for legal related blockchain information, articles, laws, etc. Put simply, The TAN will be world’s first legal reference for everything blockchain, for all users, developers, and enterprises.

This is what we’ve been needing for years.

  • Legal entities will be able to offer their services, highlighting exactly what they specialize in.
  • Each legal entity will have a profile page available to them, where they will provide their contact information, specializations, experience, hourly/daily costs, renumeration details, and anything else they wish to provide.
  • Potential clients will be able to find exactly what they need, and legal entities specializing in cryptocurrency related affairs will have a simple way to find more clientele. It’s a win-win. Lawyers and users can even chat together on the platform.
  • Blockchain law-related articles and legal documents will be published on the platform, so that the average person can stay informed. Legal entities and users will be able to share their thoughts as well by commenting on the articles.
  • While anyone will be able to comment and vote up/down on these publishing, ONLY legal entities will be able to post them.
  • Legal entities can moderate legal documents.

So what is the cost?

Using the TAN is free. When a service like Safe Haven becomes available, legal entities will need to lock SHA token up annually in order to sell said services to their clients. More details are to be released on how exactly this will work.

Ordinary users will incur no cost to consult the TAN. Requiring funds just to use the TAN, would be counterproductive to it’s growth.

The goal is that those legal entities add, in their own language and for their own country, district, or state, all documentation related to crypto law, ranging from tax affairs to inheritance. The goal is that the TAN will become a sort of “wiki” for blockchain law, but only with credible documents and articles.

When asked about the progress of the Trusted Alliance Network during an AmA in October, Safe Haven CEO & Co-Founder Logino Dujardin replied:

Our TAN is 99% complete. We are currently uploading documents, news and integrating our first TAN members. The release will be very soon.”

Now taking this bit from the Safe Haven whitepaper (page 39):

Other services not related to inheritance will be added over time. A likely example would be Identity Services and lending circles, or any other blockchain project that needs our TAN or some dispute handling.

We can see that not only is the TAN just around the corner, it has many use-cases outside of Safe Haven’s main scope. I’m curious to see if the TAN has any benefit to provide to VeVid, VeChain’s Digital ID and KYC dApp.

It is clear that those of us in the space today are about to witness the birth and snowball effect of blockchain’s legal hub. Safe Haven has an arsenal of game-changing solutions, and the TAN is first in line. This is what cryptocurrency needs.

If you are a legal entity willing to join the Alliance, you’d be best off sending an e-pigeon to, and joining the Trust Alliance Network Telegram Channel





Protection Plans

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