4 Ideas for Upping Your Dinner Party!

As the last few months of the year approach, many folks use the abundance of holidays to host dinners and parties with close friends and families. Want to up your dinner game? An easy way is to create small, personalized gifts for each guest using small boxes that can double as place cards for each guest. This way, not only does the box mark their spot on the table, but it leaves your guests feeling extra special and welcomed. Here are some creative ideas:


Decorate small candy boxes like jack-o-lanterns or ghosts and fill with a handful of candy. It’s a great way to provide dessert after dinner and to get adults into the trick or treating spirit. If you want to get extra creative, make each box unique or choose “costumes” that reflect the personality of the guest they’re for!


Cornucopias are a symbol of the abundance that comes with the Thanksgiving holiday. While small cornucopias can be hard to find, a small box can do the trick just as well. Simply fill the box with Thanksgiving themed decorations like artificial leaves or, if you want to really wow your guests, make each box a “make your own s’mores kit”! All you need is to fill the box with graham crackers, chocolate, a marshmallow, a toothpick and a tea candle. Guests will be able to make their own s’mores right at the table after dinner.

Winter Holidays.

The possibilities here are pretty endless. You can decorate each box like a small gift or even wrap the box in wrapping paper if you have the time. Inside, you can include candy, christmas cookies, other small treats, or even a small gift. Great gift ideas are small soaps or candles, gift cards, or small handcrafts like a piece of handmade jewelry.

Game Parties.

Many people take the opportunity afforded by time with family and friends to play board games or card games. Use the gift boxes during your dinner as a way to jumpstart the game night! You can fill each person’s box with a hand of playing cards or a group of Scrabble tiles or, if it’s a mystery party, their character for the mystery.

No matter what you choose to do, using small boxes and gifts to personalize the feel of your dinner party is a great way to make your guests feel special and to ensure yours is a party they won’t forget!