Random thoughts

It is rare for me to feel scared or intimidated by another person. My intuition is like a personality X-ray. If I can’t read you, you’re probably a sociopath or a serial killer. If you overtly attempt to get my attention, consider yourself ignored. If you’re trying to shock me, good luck. If you’re trying to say something intelligent to appear intelligent, you look like a fool.

However, if you are merely talking and intelligent things come out…Well, Hello there. If you happen to draw my attention, color me intrigued. If you are truly confident, my invisible antennae will find you. My body will relocate near yours, and I know within thirty seconds, within thirty words, if you’re on my wavelength. Like a fingertip in a deadly pressure point, I’ll break open like the shell of an egg filled with liquid gold.

All-access pass: granted. A crack of lightning flashes in my black-rimmed green eyes and I can feel the fire in my gut ignite. This is a mental game, you see, but the prize is a an insatiable gift of a body with a single purpose: pleasure.

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