The true about self-service bussines analytics.

Once again Garner shares his wisdom, and for non-practitioners garner is the light at the end of the tunnel, because although they have a lot of knowledge, there is nothing better than touching and knowing for yourself.

The bi self service tools cease to be self-service when the end user has no idea of ​​sql, therefore an initiation course of any of these must come with this database language classes.

Testing Power BI I realize all the advantages it has compared to other self-service tools, I think in it if you can apply the fantastic idea of ​​”do not depend on the person of it”, of course as long as they have knowledge of sql.

Today is a day of Tableu vs PowerBi for me, and as I always say, for a big question, a bigger answer. Which one do you choose? DEPENDS … I hate the answer, but I think for the first time I do not use it to get by, if not to make sense of this situation.

The only important thing is the data and the capabilities that we must acquire to manipulate and clean it, PowerBi gives you the advantage of drag and drop to build your board and also you have a relational data model at the bottom that impeccably maintains the veracity of the data. data without any of your important tables suffer redundancies damaging the figures or forcing you to use gadgets and black magic.