The cannabis industry has a growing problem, and it’s one many businesses don’t consider until they are well underway. Cultivators, processors, and retailers all produce various categories of waste, which under strict track and trace regulations — all require proper handling.

If you’ve read through the various sets of regulations, you aren’t the only one whose gone cross-eyed. Although in reality waste removal is pretty straightforward, the rules can often seem overly-complicated and convoluted.

We sat down with Arman Zeytounyan from EcoWaste, a cannabis waste services company operating in Southern California to get a better idea of how to handle…

We were receiving feedback from patients that some of our batches were stronger than others, now we are able to test our products for consistency.

About Doctor W. Oils

Doctor W. Oils is a small company in Costa Rica who produce medical cannabis oils. With their small team of six employees, they have helped over 50 people with Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy or cancer in the three years they have been operating. In addition to products for people, they also make products for small pets, including cats and dogs.

Helping others is at the heart of everything they do, and their associates have dedicated all…

We bought our tCheck so we are able to test our flowers and products at home.

About Therapeutic Concepts

Brandon is the owner of Therapeutic Concepts, a small family owned medical marijuana farm in Oregon. He started growing medical marijuana as a business with his father in 2006 and has continued to grow the family business on his own in the past ten years. He grows, on average, 180 plants a year and takes huge pride in the high quality of his plants and products. His business is expanding rapidly and everything he produces is sold by the time he starts to grow…

The industry needs product homogenization. Without it, consumers, the market and its perception could be at stake. — Andrew Ward

What is Homogenization?

A homogeneous mixture is one in which its components are mixed in such a way that it is impossible to differentiate them with the naked eye. In short, it is being evenly distributed. Homogenization ensures that consumers get exactly what they expect every time. It’s a standard in many grocery products including yogurt, milk, and cheese and, as the industry matures, it is becoming a standard for cannabis as well.

The Science Behind Homogenous Mixture

Like Amazon or Apple, we started with a hope and a dream. Our entire company started with a problem that had gone unaddressed for some reason.

How strong are my edibles? Cannabis is a powerful plant, and it seemed absurd that there wasn’t a way for people to know how potent their edibles were, at home. Once we realized that our dream was a reality, with a working design, we hit the streets to ask cannabis users, growers and businesses, what would work for them- and what they needed. We went from a couple of co-founders, to a team of…

Kevin Ward

UX Director at Engineered Medical Technologies

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