Fetch: Saucer of Milk

In which we learn the “origins” of a cat in a bow tie.

These are the first five pages of the ten page story, “Saucer of Milk” that I am posting page-by-page at mooretoons.com this summer until September 26.

Just in time for the first presidential debate. No coincidence there. When the conventions wrapped up a few weeks ago I felt way too dispirited to deal with explicitly political content, so I took a creative vacation. I have had this story kicking around the skull attic for awhile and now seemed like a good opportunity to play with it. I have really enjoyed working in strictly black and white, lettering by hand, using traditional cartooning techniques to create these pages. Aside from digital correction in Photoshop, I have stuck to ink, pens, brushes and white correcting fluid. And I have been forcing myself to overcome lazy habits, even as later I identify more of them. (Kinda like squashing cockroaches — there seems to be no end to them.)

I will keep readers posted here, at my website, and on the usual social media with new updates every Monday.

Also out this summer is the first collection of Fetch strips in full color print and digital download editions. You can find the print edition for sale at my Square store. And the digital download is available at Gumroad.

Fetch: Inner & Outer Demons cover