48 Hours in Barbados.

It was an easy flight from Cabarete over to Barbados with Loic. That’s why I love the Caribbean — everything is so close and yet each island offers its own individual take on the Caribbean lifestyle. For Barbados, I asked Liv Boeree, one of my good friends and international poker star, to join me alongside Hope Levin and Andre Phillip, both professional kite-boarders. Liv is fortunate to have traveled to some of the most exotic beaches in the Caribbean, yet never Barbados, so she seemed like a perfect fit. Plus, she offered a few outdoor poker lessons overlooking the infinity pool :)

We started off the first day early with breakfast from the cook, then an afternoon of kiting at silver rock KiteBeach. The waves were perfect for kiting, easy to get out past the surf, but crisp on the crash.

We headed back to our villa drained, but felt immediately refreshed as we sipped on coconut water made before our eyes. Our cook was ready for us and as soon as we stepped inside, he had prepared delicious salt bread paired with a beautifully arranged cheese spread. Not a bad way to start this adventure in Barbados. After we had fully recovered, we ventured around the resort and walked around the Sandy Lane Beach Facility, taking in the manicured golf course and private cabana.

Liv took the reigns on finding a place to get lost in the night. She has a ton of experience clubbing in Vegas so we trusted her judgment. We found ourselves reserving a table for the Dinner Show at the Nightclub at Harbor Lights Barbados, where I was introduced to the to “movementations.” Words really can’t describe this revolutionary show — you just have to see it. Let’s just say if you like fire eating and stilt walkers, you are in for a treat.

Barbados has so much to offer and there is no better place to take advantage of it than from our nestled villa of the Casablanca. We were sorry to leave this unforgettable estate, yet hopeful that we would be back soon. Now off to catch the dust at Coachella. Here’s one of my favorite edits from last year’s vibrations. Hope you enjoy.