Grey-water Usages

This topic is one that I think about quite frequently mainly because it comes up at the dinner table whenever there is a storm of some sort. A little background info for those who do not know what grey-water is; grey-water is used water that is relatively clean. When using the term grey-water, people generally think of sources like bath tubs, sinks, toilets, etc. However, it could also mean floodwater or other natural sources that are not fresh.

Recently, the US was hit by a few hurricanes(Harvey and Irma). These storms caused massive flooding and other forms of damages. The issue I want to focus on is the flooding aspect of these storms. It makes no sense how all of this flooding can happen and there are still places in this world that are currently in a drought period. There has to be some sort of water treatment facilities that the floodwater can be transported to and then purified for other uses. Sometimes I wonder if anyone is actually working on making the world a better place.

Hurricane Irma flooding(courtesy of USA Today)