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13 Of The Most Powerful Songs To Unlock Your Creativity

And Boost Your Inspiration.

Everyone needs inspiration — every designer, every writer, every creator. And music is the best form of inspiration.
Creativity is inspired not just with any music , but with music that taps into a hidden source of energy within our human souls. A source of energy that is as infinite as the sun, and as limitless as the imagination can go.
A source of energy that helps us forget that we are humans, and gives us the superhuman power to realise our dreams and fulfil our goals. An infinite power that helps us create the unknown, carve the imaginary, code the unseen, and design our dreams.
Watch these videos and listen to these melodies. Let the cocktail of emotions wash over you. Let them carry you where your heart can’t go. Let them transport you into a creative haven. Let them inspire you. Let them help you discover yourself.
Let them help you find your way home.

1. Never Give Up — By Sia

2. Don’t stop me now! — By Queen

3. Black or White — By Michael Jackson

4. Song of a caged bird — By Lindsey Sterling

5. Son of man — By Phil Collins

6. Learn to Fly — By Foo Fighters

7. Circle of life — By Carmen Twillie & Lebo M.

8. Girl On Fire — By Alicia Keys

9. Africa — By Toto

10. Despacito — By Luis Fonsi feat. Daddy Yankee

11. Waka Waka — By Shakira

12. Heavy — By Linkin Park

13. Smells like a teen spirit — By Nirvana