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BREAKING NEWS: CNN Joins Big Baller Brand

LaVar Ball on why he didn’t thank Donald Trump : ‘Did you thank the doctor for bringing you into this world?’

LMFAO. I had my popcorn on my lap, ready to watch this epic interview that took place between Chris Cuomo of CNN and his highness, the Godfather of trolls, Lavar Ball.

Man, was it epic!

It was a back and forth exchange, that kept Chris on his proverbial toes. His butt was brewing up a rapid-fire, at the notion that this interview might NEVER end.

28 minutes of Jam-packed fun. The most fun that I ever had watching anything that aired on CNN.

In the end, Chris Cuomo — despite being a seasoned interviewer — stood point-blank confused. He was starting to forget what the aim of the interview was in the first place!

Lavar Ball’s supreme power of invoking short-term memory loss on his interviewers, is simply remarkable. Such was the talent Mr.Ball possessed, whilst stealing the (inter)national stage on November the 21st. He spun his big balls all over CNN. The slug-fest of Trump trolls never seemed to end.

Whilst this exchange was going on on (inter)national TV, Twitter was exploding to the skies with Lavar Tweets. It soon became a trending topic in the US.

Lavar got the 28 minutes that he desperately wanted. That was all that he needed, really. CNN got duped by Lavar, Trump got baited by Lavar’s casual, nonchalant low-blows and I had a ball in front of my laptop screen, watching the same interview on a loop, hugging my aching sides.

I can’t seem to get enough of this amazing man. I’m more enthused about Lavar joining the party at L.A, as opposed to his son Lonzo running the Lakeshow.

At least Lavar seems to know what he’s doing. He’s been on national TV more than Leo DiCaprio ever did during his Titanic days. Definitely more than Michael Jordan ever amounted to during the entirety of his first 5 seasons as a Chicago Bull. Lavar’s done more than these legends in the span of a mere year, and the year’s not over yet. 2017 was definitely Lavar’s.

This comes from a man who loves making pancakes for breakfast, whilst taking care of a sick wife recovering from a stroke.

All whilst raising three brawling sons.

If you’re unaware, its’ time to get aware. The Ball era has officially begun.
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