Organize your relationships.
Mediocrity is a Virus. Here’s How to Banish it from Your Life.
Benjamin P. Hardy

I assume you’re sunk in a world of stress.

Here’s why Benjamin.

I’d never spend time organising relationships. This is quite a funny concept to me. How the hell am I supposed to organize my relationships? Make my love life a lifeless timetable?

Life sometimes hits you wierd. It’s that wierdness that makes life meaningful. Life isn’t about becoming a millionaire. It’s about realizing you’re already a billionaire.

Being mediocre is how you look at your life. The ‘mediocrity’ you’re referring to is the byproduct of a fictitious social measuring stick. It just heaps moounds of stress that never existed at the beginning of time. OUR time.

BE HAPPY instead. Take a moment to appreciate yourself my friend.