Because if you really do something with passion, you don’t have to be afraid to be pushed off the throne someday.
It matters what you DO, not what you DID.

I see it as climbing a mountaintop. You’re going to be very, very lonely up on that mountaintop, if your don’t share the secretes to your success with everyone else. I’d rather climb a mountain holding someone else’s hand, rather than doing it alone. That’s just me.

So what if someone pushes me down? I’m gonna strike up a conversation with the next person behind me in that human ant-line, and push that soul up too. That’s what I learn EVERY SINGLE DAY pounding my own rough pavement, at the bustling wards of a hospital.

Healing others carries a long, long way.

Brilliant writing jlelse. See you’ve picked up something from me, seeing the mindful tagging and the customized drop cap! Nice work! Very creative with your writing AND your designing.

My only criticism is that some of the writing is a bit too explicit in my opinion, but I get your point. Try and avoid mentioning specifics about the person you’re bashing, just to be safe brother. When I mean ‘safe’ I mean it in the most loving way. I’d never want you to have a sour relationship with any writer out there. We’re all growing together, you know? There’s always something we can learn from everyone out there.

Keep an open mind. There’s good, bad and special in everyone.