Your success is quite invigorating and, in my humble opinion, defining your own success and perseverance are the two most important points of this story.
And here I was, wondering if it’s worth trying to write seriously or just have yet another place…
Georgi Lazarov

Thank you for your kind response Georgi. I am quite humbled and flattened that someone else thinks very highly of a simpleton like me. Yes, you are right. The main points are perseverance and defining your own success. But the recipe to your growth in any social network is affected by multiple other variables.

If you’d like to know more about this concept and how to fully maximise your time here on Medium, I recommend you read this article written by me just a few days back. It’s now the #1 Top Story in “Advice” and is currently trending up. I’ve highlighted some important points that might be useful for any writer on this amazing network.

Also coming back to your final question — yes, Medium is a wonderful place for long-form educational content. But be sure to read a few examples by some of the Top Writers in the niche that you’d be aiming at and follow the trends they’ve used. These tend to get more hits.

Good luck with your journey as a writer!