Generally though, when headcount is growing quickly and there are more teams ready to build then there are visions to execute, it makes most sense for PMs to build foundations for as many products as they can and then just trust their teams to execute.
Applying Leverage as a Product Manager
Brandon Chu

Great story, Brandon. Thanks for sharing.

This passage struck a chord, as it is a key signifier of a high-functioning team. When the people responsible for the product are truly trusted to make the right decisions (with the guidance of the vision and strategy), great products are built.

The unfortunate alternate to this is when management takes the previous paragraph to an extreme, offloading too much project management and optimization work to the PM. I’ve seen this all too often at companies, big and small, which results in the foundation suffering. Then management wonders why KPIs and deadlines aren’t being met.

Would love to hear how you’ve steered management (or others) in the right direction, allowing PMs to focus on the foundations. If it’s simply a mindset they already have, how would you handle it if they didn’t?