How loud is Your baby?

Most of the people enjoy peace and quiet. Nobody wants to hear loud noises or cover their ears all the time, especially in the big cities. However, loud noise from the vehicles can be a big problem in the metropolitan areas. Cars, trucks, motorbikes and other motor vehicles can create such a noise that can damage the sense of hearing. That is why certain measures are taken in order for the noise to get reduced and the people enjoy their lives without being disturbed by loud noises.

Recently, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have started an action by looking out for vehicles that produce loud noises all across Prince Edward Island (PEI). Vehicles without properly installed exhaust system will be especially targeted and the majority of those vehicles are big motorcycles. This problem became really big in the recent years as the motorcycle noise became increasingly loud and excessive. The police department will start with a specific lookout for these loud vehicles on some day during the week. Of course, the police are always on the lookout and patrol, but they have often used enforcement days for doing so. As it is widely known, police patrols and officers sometimes are more focused on speeding, sometimes on the usage of cell phones and seat belt and now they will also have a day when they will focus on motorcycle noise.

In a recent press release, the RCMP has stated that they will especially look out for those with motor vehicles that have modified systems, replaced motor items and vehicles where their owners have removed the muffler. The police department is pretty transparent when it comes to this matter, so they are warned in advance the motor owners to pay attention and be aware of the controls that are coming up. RCMP have made their plans publicly known on their official website, as well as on their Facebook page. They feel if owners of motor vehicles are warned publicly they will think twice before making any adjustments or modifications in the exhaust pipes of their motorcycles. Just like the other similar traffic measures and initiatives, the police will be doing this primarily for safety reasons and protecting the citizens from loud noises.
The reason why the police will be starting to target the loud vehicles is because of the increased complaints in the recent months. The majority of PEI citizens, community members and representatives have been very concerned with the loud noises that come from motorcycles. The police will now increasingly look out for the loud vehicles in this season when the motorcycles are still on the road, when the weather is still nice and relatively warm. The results from of this measure should be seen pretty soon, and expectations are positive.

Loud motor vehicles are problems everywhere in the world, so that is why measures need to be taken to tackle the issue. If the latest measure by RCMP proves to be successful then it could be easily replicated in other provinces.

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