Why This Radical Leftist is Disillusioned by Leftist Culture
Bailey Lamon

This makes me so happy, especially after having dealt with those directly being called out by this piece (funny enough, one of them (initials are MAD) is actually making ignorant, racist statements on the comments here). I’m all for respecting the needs of others, especially women who have had traumatizing experiences. But there is currently a cliche that uses the specters of these incidents to impose their will like the Religious Right did in the ’80s. Don’t have a band name we approve of? You don’t get to play a show in our town. Oh wait, there’s a ton of women who do want to see the show? Well, they don’t know any better…

I’m all for making spaces safe as possible — as long as it makes sense. If you want safer space than what’s provided, make it yourself; don’t force your will on others (like a patriarch would do). I’ve had to make my own spaces before and it’s easier than you think.

The worst is if you dare to have a different opinion, they not only team up on you, they exploit and trash any trait of yours that they don’t approve of (you know, like racists.) Agree with this article? Well, you’re a white person and so your opinion is invalid. (That is a real comment you will find below.) They are basically racist bullies, stuck on their own agenda and unwilling to be mature about any aspect of it. All we can do though is hope it’s just a phase, because one thing is for sure: they avoid reason at all costs.

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