A journey’s reflection

A journey traveled together, is a fast journey to the goal with support from peers, because them being on the journey with you matters a lot for they may relate otherwise they wouldn’t be here. But when you rest this time matters the most because it is a time to reflect on the self doubt, fears and failures you encountered thus far. At the end of the day, before rest, we need hold a mirror to ourselves and look at the journey we embarked on and how far we have come, because everyone has a sally and the differences is where the inspiration comes from.

Reflections are mostly important on those moments when we become our worst critiques and trying to push ourselves to failure and quitting. Why are you on this journey? Why is it important to see yourself through to the end? What lessons will you have learned despite the outcomes? These are among the few questions, I have learned to ask myself, and their answers grow the courage and determination I need, as little or abundant they may be, for each day holds its different moments, sunny and cloudy.

Thus far I am still on a journey, the destination in mind is making a difference on the impact of technology to the forgotten; from prisoners to those in the ghetto, and Africa in general. This is one of my goals in life and this is why I started software development. Currently I’m on the path with other Andela fellows and they are among the most determined group. As I, I’m sure they appreciate the magnitude and resilience it takes to be a world class software developer. That’s why they’re helping each other out on Gitter and with code reviews. Makes me wonder, what I’m bringing to the table? For one doesn’t just leech, one also needs to add value, and I need to add value. This thus far is my reflection, on your journey, what’s your reflection?