On this day we meet
Yet I am to make peace
How does a life, no longer exist?
I guess that’s just it
They say grave all I see is, pit!
So is it now? That one becomes hell, or heaven bound
As the shovel and hands empty the mound

Or was it then, the moment, as my last breath left
Before the first tears were wept, right before the screams
Before I was just a memory, an occasional haunt in a dream
Is the tunnel and its light, really a recurrent theme?
What of the soul? Are heaven or hell it’s only home?
But no one knows, for those who know, have already been mourned
Filled with a drive, on why to living we strive
Yet never dive, and explore the other side
Of the Reaper Grim, scythe and skeletal grin
But I see him as a friend, at an important part, when
Your life he must end
And wherever is, your soul he sends
It’s all on you, the criteria depends

Is it, a lake of fire, or, a river of milk and honey
Or will you know with your prophet’s coming
For me it the tick, as deathwatch beetles prepare to eat
From my skin, dark as this pit
Leaving my bones, the only nothing, something inside this pit
My soul nothing, something compared to two places that don’t exist
And that is all the peace, the peace to be inside this pit
The peace when among the living you longer exist