How does the human brain make decisions? What processes are happening that cause you (or you cause (this phrasing shows the difference between free will and determinism, but that’s a topic for a later article)) to make decisions? To completely answer this question lies beyond the scope of this article, instead we’ll focus on a specific part of the human decision-making process: the basal ganglia.

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The Basal Ganglia is a group of neurons is located near the brain stem (hence basal) and is connected to a wide variety of other brain systems.

The basal ganglia is essentially an action-selection system. The brain is made up of many different systems each vying for control (feeding system, fear system, etc.) and the basal ganglia is hypothesized to control which system is in control during given circumstances. …

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Our current state of scientific collaboration is far from efficient.

In this age of data-driven technologies, data analysis is not easy.

Sure, it sounds easy: you get the data, write the code, and then perform your analysis. But there are many, many regulations concerning data privacy and security that bureaucratize this process into a never-ending nightmare. There’s a huge gap between those who have the data and those who are analyzing it. (I’m sure that if you’ve ever done work with data analysis, especially in healthcare, you know what I’m talking about.)

Let’s take a look at a fairly standard situation where two companies are trying to collaborate; one has the data, and the other has the tools for analysis e.g. a pharma company with tons of data in failed clinical research and a biotech company with a novel ML algorithm. Both companies are trying to work together, but in order to do so, they need trust. The biotech company needs to trust the pharma company to not misuse their algorithm, and the pharma company needs to trust the biotech company to not abuse and forsake the privacy of that data. …


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Hey, I’m Kevin! 15-year old innovator super passionate about Artificial General Intelligence. Interested in both global challenges and philosophical problems ;)

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