Breaking the ever-present wall of manufactured concern.

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“Love is, in fact, an intensification of life, a completeness, a fullness, a wholeness of life.”
— Thomas Merton

We use the word “love” so often these days. In many ways, it has become a tongue-in-cheek expression of endearment rather than a genuine characteristic of a healthy society. This is not the case for every one of us, but it is for some.

Sometimes (in our ignorance) we undermine the meaning of it, and in the process leave out the portion of love that pushes us a little too far for comfort.

Sure, we want people to love us. We…

Maybe you shouldn’t practice doing what you love.

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He was one of my favorite authors — and still is. Every time I pick up a book written by him, the words flow like water. It seems effortless.

I often asked myself why this is true. And the answer stands in front of me as clear as day, yet I shrug it off as if there’s something more. Andy Crouch simply writes how he speaks. He doesn’t have to make words more than what they are because it isn’t forced out of him.

Part of why we find our words cringe-worthy comes down to second-guessing ourselves. We think so…

Dig, plant, and water until your work blooms.

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Your work will tell the story of your purpose.

It is that element of awareness that goes abandoned in our pursuit of success and accomplishment. And our work consequently suffers.

The other day, I chatted with my twin brother about the topic of working with meaning. I said something in the conversation that now serves as a constant reminder.

“I would rather wake and make less money doing what matters to me than to wake up with all the money in the world and hate what I do.”

Spoiled creators of the most vicious kind

I never wanted to be the guy who focuses on prosperity in…

Become an expert at the most meaningful vein in your life.

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All of the progress we crave starts with one step. Goals aren’t just a part of the endgame. They are the endgame. But your actions are what get you there. A reality so close to our faces is often ignored for the sake of seeming productive.

You see, the word progress is misused nowadays. It currently means to tack on more than we can handle in pursuit of what we think will make us happy. But do we know for sure? Of course not. The reason is tied closely with how distracted we are.

There is no way to walk…


Learning and thinking in a place we overlook.

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“I take to the open road, healthy, free, the world before me.” — Walt Whitman

We all want to get to our destination without interruption. Most of us have loads of places to go and a short time to get there.

But from parents who want a stress-free trip to younger riders who crave entertainment along the way, car rides have become more of a pastime than a meaningful voyage.

Over the past few years, though, I’ve come to see those times in a different light. …

We fail to get things done because we don’t give ourselves time to breathe.

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I had a day all planned out a month ahead. On paper and in my head, it was set to go as smooth as butter. But when that day came, nearly everything on the list was altered by something else.

Some may say I wasn’t strict enough with my time. I would agree to a certain extent. Yet, it’s good to leave room for change. There’s a chance that change could make all the difference in the world.

In this production-centered world of ours, we plan to do one thing but do something completely unrelated later. And that’s okay. …


Facades don’t last.

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Moments of complete freedom are only experienced when we are completely ourselves. No gimmicks. No pretending. It’s the kind of freedom that allows you to love who you see in the mirror, first thing in the morning.

We no longer worry about wearing a certain persona to make ourselves more appealing to those around us. Their opinions of us don’t hold as much weight anymore.

For most of us living in this day and age, the opposite is true. We want people to like us. We want to be accepted by whatever group we’re attracted to. …

External factors become your life support.

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All successful people have one characteristic in common — confidence. This attribute determines the power and effectiveness of their work. It characterizes the way people treat them and what they produce.

But with this necessary component for blazing your own trail comes the opposing characteristic of arrogance. No one likes a person who is arrogant and stuck up. They dismantle the efforts of other people to build status and gain a hardy reputation.

Eventually, these types of people become comfortable where they are. They see themselves as the ultimate standard of dedication. …

Life isn’t about saying or doing what sounds good.

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Today, I don’t feel like writing.

I left work with a longing to write something powerful, something that would stick. Then I sat in front of my laptop and all that went to poot.

Sometimes we think too hard about what we want to write. Topics come and go, mostly because we take in a lot of content.

But I noticed a correlation: I ignore my thoughts in place of someone else’s. I take their ideas as better than mine. And in the process, I trade my value for what doesn’t belong to me.

I have a strong feeling you…


Emotional suppression only works temporarily.

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7:06 pm.

That was the time my uncle passed on Saturday, May 9, 2020 — almost a year ago. I didn’t expect COVID to hit so close to home.

It still doesn’t seem real to be honest.
I keep pinching myself to make sure I’m awake.

The truth is, I didn’t know how to feel. There were all kinds of emotions to roam through before I reached a clear head.

How do you respond to something like that?

Do you force yourself to cry even though you’re in shock?

Do you cram in as many movies and vlogs as possible…

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