Picturing progress before it happens encourages healthy habits.

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What if you were able to see things happening before they actually happen? What if your perception of the future was so powerful, it could direct your actions right now?

Well, you can and it is.

A common idea is that one day we’ll be able to experience the joy of our success. One day we’ll sit back and rest in satisfaction because it’s what we’ve worked for all along.

The problem with that is this: while you wait for future satisfaction, you moan, groan, and complain today. …

Breaking the ever-present wall of manufactured concern.

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“Love is, in fact, an intensification of life, a completeness, a fullness, a wholeness of life.”
— Thomas Merton

We use the word “love” so often these days. In many ways, it has become a tongue-in-cheek expression of endearment rather than a genuine characteristic of a healthy society. This is not the case for every one of us, but it is for some.

Sometimes (in our ignorance) we undermine the meaning of it, and in the process leave out the portion of love that pushes us a little too far for comfort.

Sure, we want people to love us. We…

And no, college isn’t the answer for everyone.

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“I’m sick of my job.”

That’s what a close friend said to me recently. I felt the heaviness in his tone. It basically sucked the life out of the room.

So I asked him, “What kind of job are you looking for?”

He told me he wanted something that paid well but didn’t involve anything related to technology. I threw out every idea I had, only to have it tossed to the ground like scrap wood.

Well, let’s just say it took everything in my power not to kick him out of my apartment. What else was I supposed to…

But eventually, you have to make a choice.

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Everyone craves a sense of purpose, a reason for their existence.

Deep down (and even on the surface), we hate the thought that our days are just passing by with no meaning or depth. But sometimes our quest for purpose causes more harm to ourselves than we realize, especially when they revolve around people we don’t even know.

The first thing you should understand is that it’s okay to feel stuck. It’s normal to experience a point in life when things aren’t as clear as you want them to be. …

Don’t wait on someone else to reveal what’s inside you.

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Sometimes we get so hard on ourselves for making mistakes that we forget to actually learn from them. We give other people in our lives second chances. But we bury ourselves in the dirt with no hope of redemption.

The truth is without forgiving yourself for what you’ve done, you’ll never truly forgive others. It’s the internal battle that must be overcome first. Because joy will never be joy with a gun pointed at our hearts in one hand and flowers for someone else in the other.

Freedom to Flourish

I’ve gotten used to placing others before myself. …

Spoiler: Life doesn’t revolve around you.

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Maybe self-improvement is the problem. Maybe our attempts to “fix” every aspect of our lives lead to tampering with parts that aren’t even broken.

We are so enamored with improving our lives that we forget it isn’t all about us. That mentality, more often than not, is precisely the problem: We make everything that goes wrong and everything that goes right about ourselves.

But what if life was full of other, more important issues other than missing a targeted goal of a certain number of followers on Instagram? …

If you want to make work you love, start by loving yourself.

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We love to beat ourselves up over the tiniest details. You make one misstep and your world is suddenly turned upside down.

If productivity matters to you, then you can relate to this.

You set goals, but something doesn’t go as planned and you end up degrading yourself. Your identity becomes connected with what you do wrong instead of right.

I’ve been there. It’s something we deal with when we care a lot about our work. But having the awareness to see that you still have room for improvement is one thing. …

Your purpose covers more ground than fame ever will.

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No matter who you are or where you’ve been, we’ve all fallen for the popularity contest. We’ve sought approval from people because we thought it would make us happy.

Deep down, though, the core pursuit is usually a means of escape. We wanted a way out of the dark world we find ourselves in, with toxic expectations and the pressure to measure up to someone else.

Some people get what they want, only to find out it’s not what they need. It just leads down an even steeper road of conformity.

Most of us refer back to our childhood when…

You don’t have to be the best writer to be effective

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We don’t always know what to write. Sometimes words are hard to get out of your brain. And when you do get them out, they’re met with second-guesses and exaggerated errors.

Our care about structure holds us hostage if we aren’t aware.

The truth is, it’s good to have an idea of how we feel. Being ignorant of your emotions confuses you.

More critical than formatting your sentences is being authentic with them. If they aren’t reflecting what’s really inside, they won’t sit long in front of readers.

From that place comes are truest, most impactful words.

Writing isn’t about how much you know

Most people believe…

Success begins in your head.

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All of us want what’s best for ourselves. And yet, many of us feel lost because our goals aren’t clear. Since we don’t know what we want, we also don’t know what needs to be addressed in our lives.

Both our values and our self-confidence are missing.

Those two elements originate mentally. Before we take action, we form mentalities that are either positive or negative. Then we generate positive or negative habits.

And while it’s true that positive results won’t always stem from a positive mentality, having the right mindset is still crucial for improvement.

It boils down to this…

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