My love letter (and goodbye?) to Austin

What a great read. Thanks for sharing that. I think you know my take, “go west, young man.” I say keep applying to YC until you get in, and I think your metrics are such that you will get in now. I also have a few contacts there. Or, NYC/LA for some kind of travel industry accelerator, or to network with travel+leisure media CVCs? Of course, you can move to MV for the 3 mos of YC, raise your round, then return to Austin. Doesn’t have to be permanent. It’s brutal, man. What would the cockroach do? I’ve had founders sleep in their cars, eat $1 Taco Bell, and take day jobs as freelancers all to keep it afloat. Then, they find that one magical moment that changes the game, often when they least expect it. Just stay persistent, survive, and think outside the box - the box being Austin. Keep fighting, Joah!

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