An Own Goal Cost Player His Life

The game of football has always seen a rollercoaster of emotions and feelings running wild. For the winners, it ends up on a good note with all the celebration and pompous show that follows, while it is a bit different for the ones who settle for silver. The game has always seen emotions on the higher side, with occasional outburst of joy for some and sadness for others. Emotions do run wild for the players and fans alike in a game of football, and sometimes the outbursts of emotions result in unexpected and most unwanted consequences.

Sometimes, the consequences are so severe that it shakes the entire football world, and such incidences should never occur in the aftermath of a football game. One such instance that shocked the football fans throughout the world was the death of Colombian international Andres Escobar.

About the Player

Andres Escobar was a Colombian defender, plying his trade with Atletico Nacional and BSC Young Boys during his short club career. He had humble beginnings as a defender and was snapped up by Atletico Nacional where he fared well and quickly made his mark with the starting eleven of the club. The player continued to perform well for the club and was snapped up by Young Boys and then returned to his former club after a year. His meteoric rise continued and he performed well enough to earn a cap for the national team, featuring in the 1994 World Cup squad and playing almost every game for the national team.

Suicide Goal in World Cup

Things were looking good for him but there came in a sudden unexpected turn of events and what followed that was horrendous for the football world altogether. It was the World Cup of 1994. Colombia had drawn the first match in their group and had to win the second against United States of America in order to progress to the next stage of the competition. The team had shown up with a lot of fighting spirit and vigor. They were performing really well in the match. Both the teams had found the back of the net once and the match was heading for extra time.

The game was in the dying minutes when a bizarre incident happened. American midfielder John Harkes attempted to play a pass to his team mate in order to score the winning goal. Escobar attempted to cut out the pass, but the ball hit him and deflected back to his own net, resulting in an own goal. Colombia lost the match 2–1 and were knocked out of the tournament.

An Error Took Away His Life

Five days later, in the Colombian city of Medellin, Escobar went to a nightclub with his friends where they separated and he was alone well after midnight. Escobar was rounded up by a gang of men who appeared to be arguing with the player and the situation took an ugly turn when they opened fire and shot him six times. Escobar was taken to the city hospital where he died forty five minutes later. The incident shook the entire world as the Galon brothers, a part of the drug cartel which killed Pablo Escobar, were behind the murder of the Colombian defender. It is said that the murderers shouted ‘Gol’ as they shot him that night. Hindi news channels and media in India covered this incident for a long time.

Escobar is till today loved by the Colombians and has a statue built up in his memory. People are still seen to bring out his posters, remembering the player he was during his time.

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