Arsene Wenger Era at Emirates Stadium

Football has been the name of the most rousing game throughout the world. It has millions of fan followers along the length and breadth of the globe. With the passing days, the game has evolved a lot and football leagues have become popular in every soccer-playing country. Among the most popular leagues throughout the world, the English Premier League happens to be the most followed one. And why not? Given the statute of the teams and the glamour of the league, it is bound to draw attraction from the viewers across the world.

Arsenal — Living up to Its Name for Long

The Premier League has always boasted of teams which have made it big on the world stage, and one specific team that has been pulling the reigns of the league has always been Arsenal. Based in London, the traditional red and white clad team has always been an attraction for its fans worldwide. The Gunners have seen a lot throughout its time. Its meteoric rise under the able management and leadership of manager Arsene Wenger, Arsenal is surely one of the powerhouses of England and Europe as well. Talking about twenty years of the Frenchman since his taking charge of the club, it has been a whirlwind of a journey, from the extreme loss to the times when the team shot into the pinnacle of glory by winning the golden Premier League trophy.

Arsene Wenger has been a respected and loved figure at the club. Since his joining the English side from Monaco, he has been at the club for a long time. He is loved by the fans and the players alike, with some players considering him to be a fatherly figure to them at the club. Under his able management and coaching skills, the team remains one of the elite entities in Europe. His style of play is indeed a bit to watch and has been admired by the well-wishers and the rivals alike. The club has also been consistent in its performance at the European level. Multiple Hindi news articles and channels have already covered scintillating journey of the Frenchman.

Arsene Wenger — A Host in Himself

In addition to his football tactics, the manager has been a shrewd businessman as well. From building a stadium and selling of the star players to bringing the fresh talents from other leagues and clubs, Wenger has been a really good businessman. The manager, in spite of losing his star players, has always managed to secure a spot in The Champions League and is the only team in Europe to continuously reach the Champions League competition for a record eighteenth year. They have always managed to secure a spot in the top four of the Premier League. Over time, the club has nurtured really well under his management and his backroom staff.

Arsene Wenger still remains to be a top-class manager even at this age in the world football circuit and with a lot of clubs still chasing him to lure away from the club, he continues to be one of the best and successful managers in Europe.

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