Changing Loyalty & Sugar-Daddies in Football World

Loyalty in football world is, nowadays, replaced by the handsome paychecks that the players get at the end of each week. The clubs are striving forward to make sure that they sign the best talent in the world, winning every trophy possible in the club circuit and establishing themselves as the big entities across the continents.

Loyalty Losing Its Place in Football World

From the days of loyalty to the days of transfer market haywire and mayhem with clubs opting to shell out millions of pounds for their targets, it is now clearly evident that money indeed speaks in the football world. The clubs with the bigger and richer owners own the market with their influences in transfer as they have their contacts with the super agents who generally manage the players and take control of their clients’ contracts.

The football transfer market is nowadays a place where a lot of money is spent and big names are recruited by the big clubs in order to bolster their squad and make sure that they pose a serious threat to the title challenges of their particular countries. These big clubs shell out any amount of money they want to, exploiting the smaller clubs who are generally short of cash. The elite clubs also make use of the business policies and brand valuation throughout the world to good effect. Clubs like Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona and the likes are always in the hunt for star players who could potentially improve the squad and pose a serious threat as a team in the respective leagues that they play in.

These clubs generally make full use of their money and the sugar daddy owners as they always seem to fund the side for the transfer wars and make sure that the chosen targets are signed at the best possible price. Since the smaller clubs are in need of cash, they are bound to let go of their players in order to make money and ensure that they get that from the bigger clubs. Hindis news in football websites and channels have covered such big-money rule in the transfer market and their impact on the small fishes in the football world.

Impact on Smaller Clubs

So, what impact does this leave on the smaller clubs? The smaller clubs are on the receiving end of all this as their scouted players, who would make it big in the world stage in the future, are snapped up by the big clubs who can lure the players as they have the financial backing. On top of that, the brand valuation and the exposure that the players would get in the elite entity they join would be more and that for a youngster is indeed a tempting move. The talented youngsters love to join a bigger club which has a superior position and stature as well.

The small clubs are lose out on their players and are not financially capable enough to challenge the clubs owned by sugar daddies in the transfer markets to bring in some high quality targets for themselves. Even though a bit of money injecting actually boost the club financially by putting them in a better position, still the excess use of money and flexing of power should be restricted in order to make sure that the interests of the smaller clubs with less stronger financial cushions are kept as well without exploiting them.

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