Unfamiliar Territories

Courtesy of glee.wikia.com

‘World-Class’ the term that racked my mind when i was applying for Andela. I’ve been to many make-shift organizations invoking the term, but this one felt different. Rigorous were the assessments, could break a heathen god’s spirit. Now it did not feel different, I knew there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

After hard-work and tireless learning of new and unfamiliar terminologies, i made the cut. The boot-camp. Every programmers play ground to write insane code to bring sanity to the world of the unaware consumer. Day one, started chilly and i felt hype. Had a video chat with our facilitator Angela, very calm and welcoming. She gave us an introduction of what is expected of us. Some of my fellow cohorts had trouble setting up video chat. That’s when it dawned on me,it was time to wipe the grin off my face and acquint myself with the said platforms. Had to create accounts for blogs and other chat platforms. Some strange and others friendly.

When I least expected it adrenaline kicked it and confusion took me captive. Undeterred i decided to seek some help from our facilitator. Amazingly i got it, unfortunately, my delocalized sense of concentration was no longer delocalized, it was MIA. Blankly staring at the screen i started typing. I had no clue that i was now in the zone. Felt good to zoom out of my surroundings and get wired. Debugging my js and styling my html.

Anytime i got stack i asked my team mates and whoever had a solution would promptly put it up. It was like a harmonious barley of oiled cogs. Though not all would keep up due to the deadline, we made it at the end of the day, sweating of course.

Day two, here we are feeling confident to handle the day’s task. I’ll let you know how it goes.

~Kelvin M.~