Pocket Casts’ Web Player — Review

If you enjoy listening to podcasts, chances are you have come across an app called Pocket Casts, by Shift Jelly. 
My first experience with Podcasts as media was with their Android app about 2 years ago, and their app has been essential for me every day since that.

Last year I started spending less time with my mobile device and more time sitting in front of my computer and I checked if Pocket Casts had a web player (much to my surprise, they do), so I decided to log-in and used the free trial.

After the 14 day trial a notice showed saying that it was time to pay the $9 to get lifetime access to the player so I decided that it wasn’t worth it (because money).

Fast forward one year later, now I spend all of my time in front of a computer and my Podcast listening time has gone up as I’ve discovered more shows with longer episodes, so I decided that it was finally the time to pay the $9.

Podcast view — Web Player and Android App

My experience

I’ve owned Pocket Casts for over 2 years now and I use the app every day now.
I love its design and the added functions and overall the app does what it’s supposed to do, but it enhances the experience, providing the best podcast listening (and discovering) experience I’ve found.

The Web Player is virtually the same experience as the app, minus a couple features like the skipping silences, playlists and the lovely dark theme but overall the transition between the App and the Web Player is seamless.

I’ve owned the Web Player for over a month now and I’ve had nothing but the same experience as if it was the Android App, which is something I highly value from web apps, and that few manage to achieve.

The Web Player gets a 5/5 just like the Android App.

Should you get it?

Of course, you can listen to podcasts from your phone while using your computer, but that’s not something I enjoy since I have a pretty handy media control on my keyboard and volume control buttons on my mouse and I pretty much hate switching back and forth between my phone and my computer if I can possibly avoid it.

If you like using Pocket Casts and you spend a significant part of your day in front of a computer (or you use computers that aren’t yours), then it’s pretty much a guaranteed yes.

Web Player, why?

Having web apps gives you an advantage over apps (specially paid apps): You can run them everywhere, doesn’t matter if it is your device or not.

Going back to my lifestyle changes, I’m spending basically all my time in front of a computer now. It isn’t always my personal computer but I can always listen to Podcasts on the web player.

The ability to move to different computers and being able to listen to Podcasts alone makes the product worth the $9 for me, and I know many people value that too.

Finishing thoughts

If you read this wall of text or you are just scrolling past, all I can say is that if you like the Pocket Casts app or you are just looking for a Podcast web player I can highly recommend the Pocket Casts web player, and yes, it’s worth those $9.