Looking for a new job? Frustrated, yet?

Kevin Caravaggio
Aug 22, 2017 · 2 min read
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The struggle is real.

My girlfriend was seeking a job after graduating from university, and it sucked. Everything about it sucked. I watched he spends months hunting down job listings across the web, researching companies and interviews. Throughout the process, she told me she felt stranded and alone. Abandoned. Online job finding/matching services isolate their users. Finding a job online is antisocial, impersonal, and lonely.

There is too much noise.

Seeking work is exhausting. But how do recruiters find suitable candidates? Internet-enabled job seeking has led to a monsoon of PDF resumes being submitted for review. It has become impossible to trudge through the documents, so now staffing agencies and large companies are using algorithms to detect candidates from the pile. We have more software, but we have less solutions.

Let’s start over.

I am building a new kind of career-finding website. My vision is to reverse the damages that software has done to this practice. It won’t be about breaking applicants down into tag words and character traits from a personality test, and then running that though a heuristic to chart how much they “fit” the role as determined by science, or whatever. No, this app will be about people.


I am interested in what you have to say about the 21st century career search. What do you believe is broken, and how can we fix it?

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