My Whole30 experience : Week 1

So, I’ve officially finished one full week of The Whole30 (cue applause)! Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  • Sugar detox is a bitch: I spent the first six days walking around in a foggy daze as my body adjusted to the lack of sugar. It was almost like watching your life from a dream state. As this effect had me worried about my blood sugar levels when combined with my workouts and movement I upped my fruit intake quite a bit. The fog itself didn’t go away till day 6 but I felt more at ease knowing I wasn’t going to pass out from low blood sugar.
  • I’m a bitch: well I was, for about the first week. My irritability with the small facts of life has been off the charts the past week. I’m once again going to attribute this to unregulated blood sugar as I can see no other reason for it (I swear I’m not normally this bad!) ;)
  • I’m tired: I was in bed by 9 on the first day and quickly passed out, but then found it next to impossible to actually pull myself out of bed the next morning. This state of exhaustion also lasted till about day 6 as I believe this is when my body started to adjust. Luckily for me it was a holiday weekend so sleeping in was already on the agenda. I still felt many energy swings the next few days as I learned to better regulate my eating but I could at least stay awake till my kids fell asleep and then be up without trouble (well no more than usual) the next morning.
  • More food: I should pack more food for lunch. Luckily for me I learn from my mistakes quickly and packed enough (more protein) for the second day. As I don’t have added carbs to help keep me full, more food than I am used to is needed to fill me up at meals. As my next few days fell on the weekend I was able to regulate my food easier as we were home most of the day.
  • Better grocery planning: Despite my planning I still should have planned better. I went to the grocery store everyday the first week as I couldn’t seem to purchase enough meat or veggies….I’m still working on this

More on that soon…. Let’s move on.

Mindful Movement

This month not only kicked off my work with the Whole30 program, but also a commitment to re-find my mindful movement practice. The problem is, that the first, is interfering with the second. :(

As I’ve been traversing my way through the sugar detox, phase my energy levels have been low and fatigue has been high. Due to this, my mindful movement practice has consisted of:

  • Small walks and hikes on the trails by our house
  • Restorative exercises
  • Breathing exercises such as uddiyana bandha to stay centered and focused
  • Spinal range of motion work

Focusing for this week on my center has given me something to ground with as my life has been fuzzy. Here’s a quick peek at some of my movements this week all of which I have been introduced to by my own movement coach or through Yoga Tune Up®:

Kneeling Cat/Cow

I do this exercise from a sitting seza position (see picture below) focusing my attention on the movement of my thoracic (upper) spine. Combining this exercise with abdominal thoracic breathing has helped me to better connect with the movement (or lack thereof) in my thoracic spine. As you come into flexion (cat part of the movement) focus on finding an even amount of rounding through the entire upper back. As you come into extension (cow part of the movement) hold the ribs in and lift through the sternum, or breastbone, focusing the attention on lifting up as opposed to reaching back.

Thoracic Rotation

Finding movement in the upper spine, for most people, is quite a cumbersome task. I enjoy this movement as it utilizes the whole body while focusing on the upper back. I personally like to find my end range and then play with my breath attempting to increase and decrease space between each individual rib. To find this movement press though the full surface of the foot on the bent leg as you reach the arm across the body. Watch for the knee falling inward on the bent leg, try to keep it upright.

Lumbar Rotation

This last one can be found in many different movement lineages and is a simple mindful twist. Starting with your legs in center and knees glued together you twist from one side back to center then to the next side. For this restorative week, I have focused on keeping my upper body completely relaxed and shoulders softened to the ground. Only moving within a range where I can maintain the relaxation through my shoulders without having to grip them or force them down.

What’s your movement?

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peak into my movement this week. I’d love to hear about how these poses help you, so please feel free to leave comments below. I am hoping to return to higher intensity practices as my body adjusts to its new diet but until then restorative is where it’s at. To find more play and restorative movement in your own life book a class with me a