The Whole30

To kick off my blogging adventure as well as kick start the fall I have made the decision to do Whole30 for the month of September. I chose this particular program as I have had some unexplained (beyond genetics) autoimmune problems arise. Now I won’t get into the nitty gritty details but in general autoimmune diseases tend to come from your immune system basically attacking healthy tissue leading to inflammation. This is where Whole30 steps in.

Cells of immune system: an amazing, and complicated system

What is the Whole30?

Whole30 is a dietary program designed to remove common ‘inflammatory’ foods from your diet for a month. This includes grains, dairy, legumes, and sugar as well as overly processed and unpronounceable ingredients. Eat clean, eat whole, eat healthy! The idea behind Whole30 is to remove these inflammatory foods, basically stripping down to the nuts and bolts of your body’s diet. After a month you reassess and determine if the removal of any of these products has helped to decrease your symptoms. (Check it out on

As a secondary, and bonus, to this little adventure I hope to expand my food palate and explore new food options that I maybe (read definitely!!) would not consider otherwise.

I know this program will be a challenge as I have an EXTREME sweet tooth! But I think in the end it will be worth it…after all it’s only 30 days right!

A plan of attack

Any person who modifies their dietary intake will attest to the internal conflict that occurs with change. There’s typically a reason you’re currently eating the way you are, and deviating from that is less than easy. For me there’s a few sticking points that I know are going to lead to struggle. Let’s talk about them:

  • Breakfast. Why, you may ask, is this going to be such a trouble area? Well, I absolutely hate eggs. Can’t stand them (unless they are in cake form). This leads to a dilemma of finding a source of protein, fruit, and veggies for the morning outside of my normal go to of oatmeal. On top of this, I need this source to be quick and preferably capable of being made the night before. It’s tough to be cooking custom food for myself while trying to get the kids out the door. I’m not against having dinner for breakfast, I’m just trying to be more creative than that. After lots of pinteresting (it is so a word google docs!!!) and internet searching I’ve found some recipes I’m hoping will cover me for at least the first week or two. After that I’m leaning towards creativity (and necessity) to spark creation!
  • Lunch. As I am self employed and often car ridden as I travel between teaching gigs and clients, my lunches tend to be eaten out or on the go. This will require not only some pre-planning on my part but also a bit of a lifestyle change as my lunches will need to be eaten in or taken with me in the morning. Leftovers have been my best friend for a while now so I am hoping to repackage my dinners in to lunch options or perhaps throw together salads the night before. I don’t feel this will be too much of an obstacle but only time will tell!

As for dinner, the slowcooker has been my best friend since we moved to Austin not to mention my stash of recipes on Pinterest that I’ve been yearning to try. Some of them will be modified for Whole30 but others are already Whole30 specific.

  • And then the innocent bystanders….my husband and kids. They aren’t really in on this and I don’t plan on forcing it on them. This month is for me to discover, not to torture them. With that said, I do plan to make them rice/pasta/whatever to go along with the meals. I just won’t participate. Obviously this will be a practice of will power but I think I’m up for the challenge. :)
He’s actually not that innocent. :\

Health and movement

Much like Alton Brown, I’m not a doctor and before you do anything to modify your eating process you should consult someone super smart….much smarter than me. But mostly, make sure you’re modifying your diet for yourself and for healthy reasons (rather than vanity). I do understand that this is not a cure all program, nothing is really, but for me it will be a step in the right direction and hopefully a path to discovery.

If you’ve tried the Whole30, or have comments, please leave them below, and if you’re looking to improve your movement nutrition, contact me at