Whole30 Week 2- Back to Life

My Whole30 journey started a little over 2 weeks ago and I have to say, for the most part, I’ve enjoyed the process as well as the challenge. As the fog from my sugar detox lifted I actually felt quite good. I wouldn’t say I’m more energized than normal (I still need my daily caffeine) but my body in general feels better. I don’t feel icky and bloated at the end of the day and I’m burning through food like a madwoman! Some observations I have made:

  • I’m eating a lot. I am quite active in my day to day leading me to be hungry when it is meal time, however my food consumption is definitely up. This is not necessarily at each sitting though. It feels as though I am burning through the food at a higher rate than before. I eat and then 3–4 hours later I am ravenous again, not just hungry, ravenous.
  • Eating out sucks. Most places find a way to put sugar, soy, legumes, dairy, or grains in just about every meal. And I don’t blame them those things taste good, however it makes this diet very hard to be on outside of the house. I used to wait tables which makes it so that I absolutely hate to modify my order by more than one request. These two things combined makes eating out an anxiety attack that is not worth the time or money. I’ve found one thing on most menus that I can order with mild modifications but most of the time it is a Grilled Chicken Salad. Which leads me too…..
  • Grilled chicken salads are a hateful food. There I said it. All the hate in the world stems from grilled chicken salads with nothing but oil and vinegar. Nuff Said!
  • I’m craving salt not sugar. I’ve always considered myself to have quite a sweet tooth. I am finding, however, that my cravings are more for salty foods than sweet right now. In fact the thought of having a piece of cake or pie has absolutely no appeal to me at this time. It kind of makes me feel nauseous. That being said my number one craving is a nice big slice of cheese pizza!

Mindful Movement

As my energy levels have picked up so has my daily movement. I have managed to find an hour of mindful movement at least 5 days a week as planned. This week however I increased the tempo of some of these movements, adding in swinging, hanging and climbing. I’m still keeping time for restorative exercises as well, but adding in more exploratory play keeps me interested in my movement as well as challenged. Below are some snapshots from my movement this week as well as some movements and tips to get your body ready for hanging again.

Dead/Active Hang

Hanging in general is a movement that is often lost once we no longer have recess at school. The loss of this movement means a whole style of loading your shoulders no longer occurs past primary school. Reincorporating hanging into your movement profile is a wonderful way to expose your tissues to novel loads and strength patterns. Now if you haven’t hung from a bar since you were twelve I suggest starting with your feet on the ground slowly adding load by taking some of the weight into the arms. Going from an active to passive hang partially (with your feet on the ground) loaded is a great way to prepare your shoulders for taking on your full body weight. Your feet can stay on the ground for the whole of the session.

Active hang on the left moving into passive/dead hang on the right.

Door Frame Hang

If finding a bar to hang on throughout the day alludes you. Another wonderful option to simulate the motion of hanging is to find a door frame. Simply gripping the molding of a door frame as you pass through and holding on to it for a moment adds the load of hanging when you cannot make it to your local playground. This type of ‘hanging’ will also allow you to work different angles of load on the shoulder as you can vary the area in which you grip the door frame. As most door frames are conveniently located at various places throughout your own home you can do this exercise every time you pass through one. Just a simple 10 second hang everytime you pass through a door really adds up throughout the day. (This idea was taken from the amazing Katy Bowman)

Multiple variations for differing heights.

Looking ahead

I’m over the halfway point with my Whole30, and I have to say, I’m looking forward to getting back to pizza, but not interested in giving up the feeling of whole body fitness and energy that I’ve found. I’m hoping to strike a balance between the two, and will be spending time figuring out how to broker this arrangement.

If you want to move more, and feel better, visit kmmove.com and sign up for some sessions. I can help!