This article is about my experience of working at Make A Difference (MAD), a non-profit working to ensure better outcomes for underprivileged children across India. If you find it interesting, I encourage you to contribute to their initiative in any way possible.

Fun Fact: It is one of the few non-profits Michelle Obama visited in her trip to India in 2010

How it all began 🏁

In the 2nd year of undergrad studies, over a casual conversation in our college canteen, one of my classmates mentioned about MAD and how he had loved working there for the past year. I had a mild interest in teaching but I knew I loved interacting with children so I asked him if I could be a part of it. He told me they had started recruiting volunteers for the next academic year and it would be an amazing experience for me if I’m selected. …


Kewal Shah

Learn. Design. Teach. Repeat!

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